Work Education is viewed as purposive and meaningful manual work organized as integral part of the learning process and resulting into goods or services useful to the community,  besides the pleasure of self fulfillment. The most important goal of education is to prepare children for life as adults and to impart knowledge, skills, qualities and attitudes which make them self-supportive individuals and productive citizens.




Besides study of Electronics the following activities are carried out under Work education in the Vidyalaya.


    • Flower Making
    • Preparation of badges and Bouquets
    • Tailoring
    • Preparation of handicrafts
    • Book binding & File making
    • Preparation of floor mats using coir and old cloth.
    • Making of useful items from waste materials such as plastic bags,old socks,paper plates,Ice cream sticks etc.
    • Making of cloth bags from tailoringwaste.
    • Making of Soft Toys
    • Gardening