The Art in Education programme is an expansion of the Samiti's pace-setting activities. Besides providing an opportunity for students to inculcate nationalistic values through cross cultural interchange, it also emphasizes upon education enrichment and integration with the community in which the Vidyalaya is located.
Eminent personalities from the fields, of' the letters, arts and sciences are invited to interact with students. Students have received training in traditional art under the tutelage of traditional Gurus and contemporary theatre directors. Under this programme, a National Integration Meet is organised every year in which about one thousand children, and teachers, from Navodaya Vidyalayas all over the country participate.
The Art in Education programme also aims at enriching the curricula of the formal education system. It also aims at strengthening universal values and promoting group activities whereby joy of learning is achieved. It aims at personality development of students by emphasizing child centred and result oriented activity:
As a part of art in education NVS sanctioned a sum of Rs38,000/- in the year 2009-10 to promote traditional performing arts to our vidyalaya. We have selected one of the traditional performing art of Malabar –KOLKALI. The students were trained under a professional Guru for one month and performed the event in the Regional  Cultural Integration Meet at Hyderabad.





The art teacher provide special training to the selected and talented children in Drawing, painting etc. and also participate various competitions held within the system and outside.




Keeping in view to inculcate general talents in music one Music Department is functioning in this Vidyalaya under the guidance of a music teacher. In addition to the regular classes, competitions are conducted to enhance the all round development in the field of music, dance, drama, literary programmes etc.


  The teacher also coordinates in giving special training to interested students in instruments like, Thabla, Key Board Guitar and  dance by inviting specialists from outside.